Mechanical Design, Enclosure Development & Engineering Support

Part of the success of CPS is to network with key suppliers offering linked services for the benefit of our customers from which ever avenue they approach. As we are heavily involved with new product introduction (NPI) where concepts are created and nurtured into physical products, support can be provided to create the initial concept or to develop and idea through a formal design cycle.

Engineering support can either be provided on site or remotely and can be flexible with regards to the amount of hours required to be worked or budget constraints.

Once the project is outlined, the work begins and tends to be more hands on at the beginning to understand exactly what is required. Timelines are then set with regular review dates in place dependent on the complexity of the project.

With strong engineering backgrounds and years of practical experience the engineers drive the latest CAD software using Pro-ENGINEERING, SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor platforms.

Throughout the design phase, design for manufacture and volume manufacture is always considered along with product qualification.

3D CAD modeling, component detailing, full engineering and sub assembly illustrations will be produced.

Once a project is complete and customer approved it can then move through in to one of our manufacturing links seamlessly, where our technical partners can realise the design into a finished product.