Offshore PCB Electronic Manufacturing Solutions

Offshore manufacturing is an additional value added service offering a low cost and low risk solution, providing companies with a single offshore manufacturing supply source from initial placement of an order through to delivery to final destination. Offshore manufacturing offers access to first class resources with a competitive edge plus the combination of expertise and experience which can make a complex situation easy.

CPS’s chosen offshore manufacturing partner has registered offices in the UK with both facilities offering English speaking Project Managers. Throughout the sourcing procedure the company carries out ongoing process checks to ensure that all goods reach the required standards. The UK manufacturing plant also provides interim manufacture to smooth out any urgent initial requirements as well as a finishing service where additional security is required.

From the stage of completed offshore manufacture we undertake shipment, customs clearance and entry into the UK and on arrival there are a a range of delivery options to suit your needs.

Services Include:

  • Component Procurement
  • PCB fabrication & PCB Assembly
  • Cable Forming, Chassis Assembly & Harnessing
  • Precision Metalwork & Fabrication
  • Metal & Plastic Enclosure Mouldings