CPS is a unique company proud to provide a personable service, working closely with customers, assisting them with bespoke design; developing ideas and turning them into tangible products, making concepts reality.

Electronic Assembly Management

Over the last few years a major change of strategy has taken place within the electronics industry. In the past larger companies used to manufacture entirely in house, having their own metalwork shops and assembly departments, however, companies are now concentrating on core business and are increasingly making use of the sub contract industry to carry out non-core functions. Traditionally use has been made of several sub contractors, each with differing expertise, to achieve the required result. This method can increase both direct and indirect costs to the company with the extra overhead required to select sub contractors and to manage them as well as increasing the risk element by unwittingly using financially volatile sub contractors.

CPS have introduced a new approach to the sub contract market by taking the whole sub contract responsibility in house and managing the project on behalf of the company. Years of experience in electronics design, component procurement and manufacturing enable CPS to effectively manage a project from any stage in its development through to final delivery of completed product to the customer.

Value Engineering

By involving CPS at an early stage in product development we are often able to make suggestion with regard to PCB CAD design, component selection and manufacturing techniques that may result in cost savings during production. CPS offer a variety of options for prototype builds that enables us to assemble and debug PCB’s, parts lists and assembly drawings prior to volume manufacture efficiently.

Printed Circuit Board Design

CPS has close ties with a select variety of CAD design companies. We are ideally placed to select the most suitable for your project and taking into consideration your in house CAD system when making selections so that the completed design can be supported on your own system.

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

We are able to select the most suitable bare PCB fabricators for all of your PCB needs. The ultimate selection depends on the type of board, i.e. the number of layers, the size of the finished board, whether the components are conventional or surface mount, the surface finish required, the quantity and of course the budget.

Electronic Assembly

In order to select the most cost effective and technically suited assembly house for your requirements we are exceedingly careful in our selection of sub contractor. Among the many criteria we use are, the type of assembly machines to be used, the capacity of the machines, the type of PCBs to be assembled and the quality requirements of the project.

CPS’s supplier partners have many year’s experience in sourcing components and providing production ready kits and are able to trace obsolete or difficult components.

Mechanical Design

CPS work closely with several AutoCad designers and are able to select a suitable designer for your project. AutoCad files are fed directly to our metalworker’s computer controlled machines thus reducing programming errors and speeding up the project. 

Precision Metalwork

CPS offer metal work services for the manufacturing of sheet metal components, assemblies and fixings, with comprehensive finishing facilities, using key supplier partners to their business.

Cable Form, Chassis Assembly & Harnessing

Part of CPS’ professional turnkey operation is the ability to provide high technology electro-mechanical assembly including core manufacturing capabilities for the assembly of finished products, sub-assemblies and cable harness.

Screen Print & Digital Print Solutions

Almost all finished goods have some form of screen printing from logo to name plates to control panels. Whether providing initial design ideas, providing graphic design for basic artwork for product or creating a graphic design which provides impact, gives the right impression and sends a powerful message, we can help.